About Me

You may be pondering who the writer of this blog is…or maybe you just clicked here to click on all of the things. Either way, I am Atalia and the person you may be looking for. I started this blog because sometimes my brain is full of ideas and I want to get them down. Also, I was tired of just lurking on ace blogs and wanted to participate in the community. Just like a lot of aces out there, I am still figuring things out and a lot of my posts will be just that.

A bit more about me is called for I suppose. I am a twenty-something college-educated woman who loves anthropology, history, geeky/nerdy things, traveling, and long thoughtful discussion.

At the moment, I am primarily posting on http://aceofliminalspace.tumblr.com/ and will crosspost things here when I remember. I haven’t used tumblr before and it is entirely possible that I will change over to wordpress as my primary site for this blog, but we shall see. If you haven’t seen many posts over here, feel free to pop on over to tumblr.

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