Introductions and A Purpose

Good afternoon, ladies and gents! I am Atalia and I have been hovering around the edges of the asexual online community for awhile now. Like most aces, I first found the term on the internet and have met very few aces in real life. In my explorations of the community I have learned so much about orientations, relationships and the many flavors of asexuality. It was partially through reading the various posts of dedicated ace bloggers that I was able to really look at myself and see that I didn’t need boxes. I could create my own boxes or loose definitions or whatever and that was okay. It is partially in thanks to the community that I want to start blogging about asexuality and life and cake, but also to keep figuring myself out. People are constantly changing. Life isn’t static.

So, off I go into the dangerous, murky world of blogging!

P.S. This blog will really live on my tumblr of the same name, but at least for the moment I am largely claiming the wordpress name for purposes of posting on wordpress sites. I will attempt to cross-post things when I remember. I am actually way more familiar with wordpress and chose tumblr for the home of this blog to make myself get comfy with tumblr.

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